Welcome to Cheap-Computing.com!

If you want to fix your current PC - or simply get a quality replacement, cheaply - this is the site for you! And if you're not sure, we'll help you...

  • This site provides computer reviews and recommendations for those who want a new PC.
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  • It also provides computer maintenance tips, for keeping a computer - new or old - in top form. Plus there's guides for restoring your PC back to new.
  • The computer help section can help you fix computer issues. Or you can ask us if we think you should replace your PC, or fix it.

Why was this Website Built?

This website is here because:

  1. I'm regularly asked by family and friends (and friends of friends!) which computer they should buy.
  2. People who aren't "techy" usually pay a LOT more for new computers (or computer accessories such as printers) than they need to - and that's unfair!

  3. Perfectly good computers get thrown away all the time because they don't perform like they used to. (Yet restoring a PC to its 'out the box' state is quick and easy to do.)

So this Website Provides...

  1. Computer reviews and recommendations for typical computer users.

    Note: The Computer Deals section only recommends quality products - that don't break the bank - and that are 100% compatible for all but the most advanced computer users.

  2. Computer maintenance tips, including guides on how to restore your PC back to factory settings and how to reinstall Windows.
  3. A computer help section so you can ask a question and get helped by others.

My Mission...

1) To help you get your PC 'back to new', if that's what you want to do.

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2) If you want a new PC, my computer reviews and the unique computer deals section aims to help you find the right computer for you, at a very reasonable price. Because you don't need to spend much to get a great PC that will deliver all you need for many years to come.

My passion is getting old computers functioning well again. And when it comes to new computers, I love to promote new PCs that provide great value for money, and that are not far more advanced than a buyer needs.

People often pay a premium because they're not a 'geek'! I am a computer geek and by using this site I hope you can benefit from my experience and IT knowledge so that you can save time and money - whether that's choosing a new laptop or sorting out one you currently own.

What Can You Expect from Cheap-Computing.com?

  • Great computer maintenance tips - including how to back up your data and how to reinstall Windows - to keep your PC healthy.
  • Discover the different types of computers there are so you can find out which suits you best.
  • Read computer reviews of PCs that are currently on the market.
  • Find the best deals on new computers and computer accessories.
  • Ask for help - either to solve your computer's issues, or for help choosing a new computer.

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