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Best Chromebook Deals

Cheapest Google Chromebooks

Are you looking for the best Chromebook deals? Do you want to find a cheap Chromebook computer? You can find the best Google Chrome Book deals here. Discover the cheapest Chromebooks on the market.
Acer ChromeBook AC700

Chromebooks: switch-on to surf-time in just eight seconds! No more nagging system updates. And you can even play Angry Birds on them too!

If you buy a netbook, all you want to do on it is surf the web. So why not optimise the entire operating system around this idea? Why put up with the very limited Windows 7 Starter Edition when you don't have to?

With a Chromebook, you get an operating system that has been built around - and optimised for - the specific hardware it runs on. So they're really quick. Other advantages of Chromebooks include:

  • Incredible battery life: so you can work and play all day long without re-charging
  • Documents are stored online: so they're always accessible
  • Light weight: so they're easy to take with you when you're on the move

Latest & Best Chromebook Deals

All Chromebooks can access the Internet via a WiFi network connection - usually via your home WiFi hub, or via a public WiFi hotspot.

But the special "3G" models can also access the Internet via "3G networks" if WiFi becomes unavailable. For instance, if you go somewhere very remote.

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So the 'normal' model is great for most people. But the 3G models are good if (1) You don't have Internet at home and/or (2) You want to use the Internet from somewhere remote or rural.

But this stuff only relates to how you get online. You can still use your Chromebook (3G or otherwise) wherever you want - plane, train, treehouse! It's just the 3G version will give you more chances of staying connected to the Internet :-)

Google Chromebook Features

Chromebook computers start up in just 8 seconds. You can literally press the power button and less than 10 seconds later you'll have access to your email, documents and the Internet. Why wait an age for Windows to load up when you don't have to?

Chromebook PCs are also incredibly simple to use. This video explains it all...

Chromebook PCs offer:

  • Start up time of just 8 seconds
  • Super easy to use (great for computer novices, first-time computer users, and children)
  • Fantastic battery life: 8+ hours
  • Light weight: take it with you when you're on the go
  • No nagging software updates: the system updates itself 'behind the scenes'

Chromebook computers are also very secure, so the risk of viruses is minimal. Besides, as this video shows, Chromebooks can even 'heal' themselves!

If you mainly use your computer for "online stuff" - surfing the web, Facebook, Twitter, that sort of thing - Chromebooks are a great choice of computer.

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