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Cheap New Computers

And Why You Should Check Out Budget PCs!

If you're looking for cheap new computers, you've come to the right place!

I find the cheapest computer deals and list them on this website. You can check out these deals - plus computer reviews - by following the links to the right.

The reason I look for cheap computers is because I have seen - from a lot of experience - that even the most entry-level new PCs are 100% suitable for almost all home and office computer users.

We really have reached a point in time where budget PCs come with hardware that's powerful enough to run anything the average computer user wants to run.

Do you need to spend £500+ on a PC, to be able to...

  • Surf the web at speed and send emails
  • Watch DVDs, and films online
  • Listen to music and play games
  • Use Microsoft Office and Skype
  • Edit and print digital photos
No - you don't!

99% of us use computers in the same way. We do some - or all - of those things listed above. Maybe some extra stuff too. But modern computers are so powerful that even the most basic models can handle programs that do all of this stuff with complete ease.

ferrari sports car

So, don't be misled into thinking you need a computer that has much more power than you'll ever use. After all, you wouldn't buy a Ferrari when all you need is a run-around to get you to the local shops, would you?

Similarly, you don't need to be distracted by "incredible" deals. You know the sort, a laptop selling for $800/£500 instead of its usual $2000/£1200. There's no proof the laptop ever really cost the higher amount. And, if you're a typical computer user, you'd be just as happy with a $500/£300 PC anyway.

Cheap New Computers: Difference between entry-level and high-end PCs

The divide between entry-level and high-end computers is surprisingly small. As of July 2012, this is how an entry-level laptop compares to a high-end one:

Entry-level High-end
Processor (CPU) Speed 2-3 GHz 2-3 GHz
RAM 2-4 GB 4-8 GB
Hard Disk Size 320 GB 320-500 GB
Screen Size (inches) 15.6 15-17
CD/DVD Writer? Yes Yes
Wireless Yes Yes
Integrated Webcam? Yes Yes
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 7
Price $450-580

The only areas of real difference highlighted in the above table are to do with RAM and hard disk size.

2-4 GB of RAM is plenty for typical computer users. The only reason to have more than 4 GB of RAM is if you use graphic design software at professional level (for instance, you work for a film studio or regularly publish photos to glossy magazines). Besides, you can add RAM to a computer cheaply and easily.

As for hard disk size, typical computer users are unlikely to use even 100 GB, let alone 320 GB. Do typical computer users therefore need 500 GB? Unlikely. But if you ever did you could buy an external USB hard disk with 500 GB of space (or many times more) quite cheaply.

Cheap New Computers: Choosing a New Computer

I source computers that are tremendous value for money, but they also give typical computer users years of happy computing. The only thing you need to do is decide which type of computer you want. Follow this link to learn about the different types of computers there are.

Or use this simple flow chart for buying a new computer.

Your next step is to simply check out our unique computer deals section.

Cheap New Computers: Are You a Typical Computer User?

If you're not sure if you're typical computer user - or if you're concerned you have special computer needs - let me assure you that the vast majority of people are typical computer users, and they do not have any computer requirements that can't be met by a cheap modern PC.

Essentially, there are three categories of computer user:

  • Typical users (which includes home/office users, plus students)
  • Business users
  • Power users and hardcore gamers

Power users - and those who play the latest greatest games - demand the most powerful (most expensive) computers. These users usually custom build their own machines.

Business users are indistinguishable from typical computer users except, if anything, they actually have even fewer requirements. Their overarching needs are simply: Internet, email and office software. But all of us want these things anyway.

Business users who own portable computers (a laptop or netbook) also demand excellent battery life. But, again, anyone interested in buying a laptop or netbook will want decent battery life.

So it's fair to say that we just have (1) advanced users, who are busy building their own computers and (2) typical computer users, like you and I.

I only source cheap new computers that work brilliantly for typical computer users, and which also deliver great value for money. So you can rest assured that all of the computers listed on this website will suit your needs perfectly and also save you money.

Find computer reviews, and cheap new computers in the computer deals section.

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