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Computer System Types

Different Types of Computers

Do you want to know what computer system types there are? You can learn about different types of computer systems and different kinds of computers here!

Find out how different types of computers suit different user needs. Also discover the differences between Mac and PC. The main types are:

desktop computer, man using desktop pc


nettop pc computer


girl using laptop computer, woman using laptop pc


samsung nc10, samsung netbook pc computer


acer ultrabook pc


touch screen tablet computer


apple mac desktop computer

Apple Macs

Computer System Types: Desktops

Desktop computers are generally made up of a number of separate parts: keyboard, mouse, screen and base unit. The base unit is the actual computer, containing the various computer components such as the motherboard, memory and hard disk.

Since the base unit usually sits on - or under - a desk, it has been given the name "desktop computer". Desktop computers are intended to remain stationary and they are, therefore, unsuitable for travelling.

desktop computer, man using desktop pc

Both Mac and PC computers come in "desktop" form. Learn more by following the link: What is a Desktop Computer?

Different Types of Computer Systems: Nettops

Nettop computers (pronounced net-top) are very small desktop computers. Like desktop PCs, they still require a keyboard, mouse and screen to be plugged into them.

But they take up far less space than traditional desktop PCs. And although they can sit on a desk, just like a normal desktop computer, nettops can also be strapped to the back of a monitor, which is an advantage.

nettop pc computer

There is no Mac equivalent of a nettop. So, for now, you'll only get a nettop PC.

Find out more by following the link: Nettop Computers.

Different Kinds of Computers: Laptops

Laptops are portable self-contained computers, comprising of all computer components such as the motherboard and memory, plus a keyboard, mouse and screen within a single unit.

Laptops are designed to be mobile, and contain a battery making it possible to work whilst on the move.

girl using laptop computer, woman using laptop pc

Both Mac and PC computers come in "Laptop" form.

Follow the link to find out more: What is a Laptop?

Different Types of Computers: Netbooks

A netbook is basically a miniature laptop. They're smaller, less powerful and cost less than laptops. But due to their small size and light weight they are really easy to take with you on the move. They also have extremely impressive long-lasting batteries.

There is not a Mac equivalent of a netbook. So, for now, you will only find netbook PCs.

samsung nc10, samsung netbook pc computer

Find out more by following the link: What is a Netbook?

Find out which is best - netbook vs laptop - and which is most suited to you by following this link: Netbook vs Laptop.

Computer System Types: Ultrabooks

An Ultrabook is a netbook with some guts! It's a netbook that finally has a decent CPU and more than 1 GB of RAM. Plus, instead of a 10.1 inch screen they tend to have 13 inch screens. But, just as with netbooks, ultrabooks do not have a built in CD drive.

asus ultrabook computer

Put another way, it's a typical laptop (hardware-wise) put into smaller, thinner and more beautiful casing. In other words, it's the PC-equivalent of a 13 inch Macbook Air!

Find out more - including Ultrabooks versus Tablets, Laptops & Netbooks - here: What is an Ultrabook?

Computer System Types: Tablet Computers

A tablet computer is a small, lightweight, mobile computer which uses touchscreen input rather than a keyboard and mouse.

Tablet PCs usually have a screen size of approximately 10 inches. The unit itself is usually about half an inch in thickness.

touch screen tablet computer

Tablets are made by a variety of computer manufacturers and, as a result, there are several tablet operating systems. Apple's iPad tablet computer runs iOS, others usually run Google's Android system or Microsoft's Windows 7.

For more information check out: What is a Tablet PC?

To learn about the differences between tablets and netbooks see: Netbook vs Tablet Computer

Difference Between Mac and PC

Macs are computers made by the company Apple. They are recognisable for their distinctive stylish designs.

PCs usually run Microsoft Windows or an operating system called Linux. Whereas Mac computers run a system called "MacOS" which is known for being easy to use.

apple mac desktop computer

MacOS will only run Mac programs, it will not run programs designed for Microsoft Windows. However, modern Macs can run Windows and Linux, so it is possible to run PC programs on a Mac. But you cannot run MacOS or Mac programs on a PC (not easily, anyway).

For more info about the difference between Mac and PC - and if you'd like to read about PC vs Mac - check out Mac versus PC.

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