HP 630 Laptop Review

This HP 630 Laptop Review considers how good the HP630 is for the typical home and business computer users.

This week I've been checking out the HP 630 Laptop, a computer which offers amazing 'bang for buck'.

Inside is an Intel Dual Core i3-380M 2.53GHz CPU. Put simply, that's two 2.5GHz processors, making it pretty speedy! On top of that, there's 4GB of RAM in this laptop, which I think is pretty generous given that most laptops come with 1-3 GB.

HP 630 Laptop Review: The HP 630 runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition

hp 630 laptop side angle

There's also a 500 GB hard disk inside, which is plenty of storage space for the average user. To put this into perspective, a typical MP3 player comes with 8GB of storage - and many people don't manage to fill them up. So it has more than 60 times the storage space of the average MP3 player.

The screen is 15.6 inch in size and thanks to its WXGA technology it's crisp, bright and LED backlit. It also uses anti-glare technology and is high definition (HD) capable. So you could watch TV in HD, for instance via BBC iPlayer, using this laptop.

There's also an HDMI Port, so you could connect the laptop to an HD TV via an HD cable, and watch HD video on a bigger screen.

HP 630 Laptop Review: This computer is a good choice if you want to replace a slow and aging PC

hp 630 laptop front view

The HP 630 comes with an integrated CD and DVD writer. There's also a webcam built into the top of the screen and an internal microphone. So you can make video calls in Skype without needing to plug anything else in.

The only minor negative about the HP 630 is that the graphics memory is shared from the main RAM. So out of the 4GB of RAM you get, a small part of it is put aside for displaying what is on screen. Most people will be perfectly happy with the default settings though (3.75GB of RAM and 0.25GB of video memory).

On the plus side, if you want to play games, you can increase the video memory up to 1.2GB. And, either way, it's still a pretty quick laptop.

HP 630 Laptop Review: The HP 630 has 3 USB 2.0 ports

hp 630 laptop side view

Naturally, it has built-in Wi-Fi for wireless Internet (as all modern laptops do). Although this one is capable of running at 300 Mbps (most run at 54) so it's faster than a lot of the competition.

The internal card reader is a nice touch too. It means you can take the memory card out of your digital camera and plug it straight into this laptop to access your photos, rather than using a cable which is slower and more hassle.

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